Tuesday, August 04, 2009

• Cowboy Up Tutorial •

Cowboy Up

Supplies Needed:
1 tube of choice. I am using the beautiful work of Keith Garvey. To use his work you must purchase a license HERE
Scrap kit of choice.
I am using Giddy Up from Nitwit Collections HERE
Weescotslass Mask #223 from Chelle's fab site HERE
2 fonts of choice.
I used Lavishly Yours-ROB & Inkburrow.
Unfortunately Lavishly Yours is a pay font so I cannot supply but you can download Inburrow HERE
1. Open your tube and mask in psp.
2. Open a 700x650 canvas (we will resize later) and flood fill white.
3. Open bg - woodslats Image - Resize 13% - Copy - Paste as new layer.
4. Click on your selection tool. Selection type square - Mode Replace - Feather 0 - anti alias checked.
5. Draw square in woodslats to resemble a window. (See my tag for reference) Image - Selections - Invert - Press delete.
6. Duplicate woodslat layer.
7. Click on your tube, Copy - Paste as new layer. Place in opening you just deleted. Move in between your woodslat layers.
8. Once happy with your tube placement click on your top woodslat layer and delete so as though the tube appears as though she is coming out.
9. X out your background layer. Layers - Merge - Merge visible. Un -x your background layer.
10.Open bg cowhide. Image - resize 10% - Copy - Paste as new layer. Move below your merged layer and lower the opacity to 30%.
11.Add any embellishments you would like to your tag. (With this kit and tube the possibilities are endless)
12.Once happy X out your background layer. Layers - Merge - Merge visible.
13.Open the burlapwordspaper. Image - Resize 15% - Copy - Paste as new layer. Slide below your merged layer.
14.Grab your freehand tool and draw a square around where the cowhide paper is behind your tube. Once you've got the marching ants go to Selections - Invert - hit your delete button. (The middle should now look as it did before we applied the burlapwords paper)
Selections - Select none.
15.On the burlapwords layer apply the WSL Mask #223.
16.Right click your mask layer - Merge - merge group.
17.Add any text you wish to type out your name.
(I used the word Cowboy supplied with the kit and typed and applied the word up)
18.Add all © information to your tag.
19.Merge all layers - Crop to size and save as a .jpeg.

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