Friday, June 18, 2010

Skoolz Out Alpha Set

Yep.... I started this alpha set last week the day the kids got out of school for summer vacation.
It took way longer then I hoped but I had to prioritize with keeping a 6 and 10 year old occupied, go on job interviews and make sure Joe and his ideas around the house were completed as he was on leave in between classes.
So a week later here it is.... Skoolz Out.
It has both upper and lower case alphabet letters.... all in the three colors shown, red, green, and blue.
Numbers, symbols, shapes, and so on...... the colors are primary as they're easy to match with.
There are other shapes included to add to the lettering since those are all on star form.
Circles and squares have been added in a few extra colors to play with in creating your own style with it all.
I hope you all can make some use of the alpha set..... now it's off to think of another kit to make!
Any ideas... if so I'd love to hear them!!!! I want to make something that will be of use to everyone and my ideas come and go as they choose....
So any suggestions send them my way either by shout box... commenting here or sending an email!
Enjoy the alpha!

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Anonymous said...

Love this and can not wait to use it!