Tuesday, August 04, 2009

• Garden Fairy Tutorial •

Garden Fairy

Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice. I'm using the Gorjuss work of Suzanne Woolcott.In order to use her work you must obtain a license from Artistic Minds Inc.
My Perfect Garden Scrap Kit by Scrappy Lover at Tantrum Scraps and also visitMaritza's awesome blog Scrappy Lover.
* Thank you Maritza *
Two fonts of choice.
I used Fontdinerdotcom for the Fairy Quote and Cherish for the name.
Cherish is a pay font so I cannot supply it.
1. Open all supplies in PSP
2. Open a 700x650 canvas (we will resize later) and flood fill white.
3. Open Myperfectgarden - Circleframe - Copy - Paste as new layer - Image - Resize 70%.4. Open Myperfectgarden Paper 4 - Copy - Paste as new layer. Take your magic wand and click inside the circle frame layer - Selections - Modify - Expand
4. Selections - Invert - Delete paper layer - Selections - Select none.
5. Open Myperfectgarden Ribbon - Copy - Paste as a new layer. Move above all layers. Image - Rotate - Free rotate right 20.
( All layers and Rotate Single Layer both Unchecked )
6. Back on your Frame layer - Selections - Select all - Selections float- Selections invert. Take your eraser tool and erase edges of ribbon sticking outside of frame.
* With marching ants going all around it you should be able to erase the edges of the ribbon evenly *
Once happy - Selections - Select none - Add a subtle dropshadow to your ribbon.
7. Copy and paste your tube layer below your ribbon layer and place to liking.
8. Now add any embellishments of choosing.
9. I added the quote "Fairy Roses, Fairy Rings, turn out sometimes troublesome things." I have it going around my frame.
10. X out your background layer and merge visible. Duplicate your merged layer - Select original layer - Adjust - Blur - Gaussian 20 - Lower the opacity to 75.
11. Add your name and all © information.
12. Once happy with the placement of your layers - Layers - Merge - Merge visible.
13. Crop Image to size and save as a .jpeg.

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Do yoy have CU items. Your work is really great!