Friday, August 22, 2008

• A Whole New Look •

Well I figured it was time for me to make a bit of a change on my blog.....
My good friend Lou had given me this link with tons and tons of new templates to check out. Lou and myself are one in the same. I truly believe that. We're exactly alike .... just on opposite sides of the pond!
She mentioned to have Cupcake Sprinkles up a couple times so when I go to redo my code so I'll have all my links when it wipes it clean. Well I did have a few open but when I went screwing around I lost them. So now I'm redoing everything .... all over!
There's a bit of change with some of my little pieces along the side ....
a few I got rid of and a few new ones to take their place.
I'm in the process of re adding all my favorite links. If I happen to miss one or two could you please help me out and let me know if you were once here and now aren't.
I think I've got them all down in my favorites anyway but I want everyone back up in here that was initially.
I hope you all enjoy the new layout .....
It's a few of my favorite things - pink, black and stripes!

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