Friday, October 17, 2008

• Where Oh Where Can I Be •

Just a teeny weeny lil' update on my lackluster posting
this week ....
It's not that I've lost my mojo or have fallen completely off the
face of the Earth I started the 2nd half of the Fall Semester at school
yesterday and it's taking a bit of getting use to!
I'm trying to still get myself into a frequent routine with my class schedule as
well as still taking care of what needs to be at home with the kids and everyday
household things.
Since my hubby has some really weird working hours too it's taking a bit
more planning then I really thought it would.
I'm hoping to get some new things made and possibly a new tutorial up on Sunday ..
I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Sunday is the only day off I have during the week.
On a different note I was awarded the Proximidade
once more!
This time I received the award from Sarah at
She has some adorable downloads and an amazing
blog to peek around in!
Go check her blog out ....
••• and here's the award !!
I know I'm suppose to pass this along to 8 other blogs.
But I've always said I can't narrow it down as there are so many
facinating and fantastic ones out there how could I possibly choose just 8?
So in turn this award goes out to all of you!

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