Monday, May 18, 2009

• Amazing Tutorials •

You all know I love to show off what you've done using my kits and other scrap bits.
Nothing puts a smile on my face to see how creative each of you are.
I've been in awe since checking my blog this morning and seeing what has been made using my latest kits.
I may just have to try these awesome tuts out.... hmmmm !?!
The first is My B.F.F by Beaches
I've followed Beaches's tuts for awhile and she never ceases to amaze me with her originality.
I'm just so honored that she's using things that I make :p *gasp*
Please go check her blog out... you won't be disappointed

I'm so excited to show you 2 fab tutorials by Maz!
I've also been envious of the tags and tuts Maz thinks up as well.....
between her and Beaches they are a powerhouse of amazing tutorials and beautiful tags.
I'm over the moon in showing just what she has done using my Chocolate Box kit.
The first tutorial to the tag below is Among the Flowers
Below is Maz's tutorial is Yummy Chocoholic

I hope you all go check out both their blogs as they've got some amazing talent!
If you do just leave a bit of love for them because a little love goes a looOOooOng way!

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