Tuesday, July 28, 2009

• I'm Back & A Surprise •

I'm back :) What a vacation it was too. I don't want to go on another one anytime soon. It's not that the actual trip was bad it was the unpacking, the clothes washing, the school shopping for the kids and me all hitting right as soon as we got home.
It seems to be slowing up now as I finished Psychology yesterday and my papers for American Lit are due Saturday and next Monday then I'm done for this semester. I'll have a few weeks off before fall semester starts so I hope to do lots of doodling around on PS and PSP.
• • • • • • • • • • • •
Now onto the surprise... and it's a fun one :)
Catarific at Catarific Paint Shop Pro for Beginners has come up with an amazing tutorial using one of my kits that I do NOT have for download on my blog!
You can find the below tutorial Gorgeous Love on her blog which includes a link to my kit Pretty in Pink that I had available on my blog for two weeks and then *pOOf* it was gone.
So go check out Sue's amazing blog because she's got some wicked tuts!
I'm off to finish up my papers in American Lit and begin working on my next kit which will be alot bigger than usual since I'll have a few weeks of between semesters!
If I've missed something anywhere on my blog and you need to get my attention then email me. My mind is a little cluttered right now ......

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Justine's Scraps said...

Don't you just love to hate vacations........LOL
I went for a long weekend and ALL hell broke lose when I was gone.
I came to the conclusion, I'm never leaving my house........LMAO!!

Glad to see you back. :)

Oh and school starts Aug 24th here and I have 2 different schools to attend orientation and my oldest is still in Ohio till the 11th.
Yeah, I have plenty of rum in the house.......LOL