Friday, January 29, 2010

XoXo Template

Gosh... it's been forever it seems since I've opened my psp and made any templates let alone follow any tutorials. I've had that lil' psp itch lately and couldn't help myself when I saw a few of the latest tubes out there. I love pink and this time of year some really awesome tubes are pumped out by all that amazing artists out there.
I came up with my template idea looking through tubes and below is what the final outcome was. It's not much but it's been a looOOoOoong time since I've psp'd.
I followed Missy's tutorial Lush at Divine Intentions to make my tag below. If you haven't seen Missy's tutorials yest they are absolutely fab!!!
Hopefully you can have some fun with the template like I did.
Enjoy :)

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