Tuesday, November 25, 2008

• Seven Days •

I just peeked and saw the last time I posted was a week ago! I've been so busy with school my whole computer time seems to have just slipped away from me.
Today is my last day until next Monday. We're off for the Thanksgiving break. I'm so glad because I'm mentally worn out. I've only got one test today so that makes me even happier!
I registered last week for Spring Semester and instead of taking the 8 week courses I'm taking all 16 week courses. This way everything isn't piled on me all at once in each of my classes. It gets a bit overwhelming when you've got 3 papers due one day and then 4 tests the following. December 18th begins our Christmas and New Years break and then it's back to school January 6. Although I'll have new classes and more credits moving one step closer to my goal!
The remainder of the week I'm going to be working on psp. No doubt about it because I need to. I'll try and think of some creative things to offer as freebies.
Until tomorrow .......

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