Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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I've been tagged by Patty aka Sunspotpp at Sunspotpp's Place
I've known Patty for awhile now through various psp groups and she is one heck of a psper and tut writer. She is one amazing person!!
So let's begin on this ........
8 Things I am Looking Forward To:

1. Watching my kids grow up
2. My future
3. Getting my Associates to transfer to East Carolina University
4. Getting accepted into E.C.U.
5. Getting my BSN so I can go for my MSN
6. Joe enjoying his final years in the Marine Corps
7. Seeing Joe retire and feel proud of all he has accomplished while in the Marine Corps
8. Finding happiness

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Woke up
2. Worked on my art sculpture final project
3. Did some laundry
4. Cooked dinner
5. Read some of the current book we're reading in history... gonna start on my paper for that today.
6. Watched the rain
7. Balanced my checkbook
8. Watched American Idol
8 Things I wish I could do:

1. Hire a maid
2. Hire a maid
3. Hire a maid
4. Hire a maid
5. Hire a maid
6. Hire a maid
7. Hire a maid
8. Hire a maid

8 Shows I watch:

1. SURVIVOR!!!!!
2. The First 48
3. American Idol
4. Nancy Grace/Jane Valez Mitchell
5. Trauma: Life in the ER
6. Dancing With the Stars
7. America's Next Top Model
8. Amazing Race
8 People I Tag:
I'll have to get back to this part....
----> By the way... I'm here it's just during my Spring Break I've got projects due in ALL my classes as soon as we get back so I've been working on those!
I'm working on another kit and I'm actually quite proud of it and can't wait to get it out to you all :) <----

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Anonymous said...

thank you!!!! I LOVE YOUR SCRAPS!!!! You ROCK!!!! <3