Thursday, April 23, 2009

• A Wee Lil' Note •

I'm here... really!
I know it seems as though I've just left my blog high and dry the past few weeks but as you all know right now with school it's extremely hectic since we're coming to the end of the spring semester. Thankfully only 3 more weeks then it's over. But a week later I start my summer semester =( Those classes are online so not so much traveling back and forth to the college every day.
I have been working on a kit. I started it over spring break in the midst of all my projects due and it's about halfway complete. I'd like to add some more elements to it before I get it up for you all. It's done with 2 of my favorite colors together. I think you all will like it once I get it up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I will have it up by next week. For those of you who receive my posts in email you'll know first without checking here.... lucky you!
I promise to try and get more up as I can

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