Tuesday, June 23, 2009

• It's Awards Day •

Sorry I haven't been around.... I know, I know!
I've had alot going on. As you all know I am in school and I do go year round so that leaves me with little breaks here and there but not as much of a break as I'd like. Because it is summer I'm doing online classes and I actually find them more difficult then going to campus each day. Strange but true!!
I am on summer break this week but I've been plagued with doctor's appointments. I've been given a bit of some unexpected news and I've got a bunch more doctors appointments now :( So my time will be sproadic and unexpected.
Just a heads up: Next month starting July 14th I'll be gone for about 2 weeks as we pack up and head up north to Pittsburgh to visit family. We'll be going to Bush Gardens first for a few days to enjoy some roller coasters and water fun and then finishing it all up in Pa. The kids are looking forward to it and Joe is so happy to be visiting his family again. We haven't been up there since before he went to Iraq for a year.
Now onto the awards!!
A huge thank you to Justine at PSP Addict and Digital Scraps for making me
feel so *special*
She's awarded me the following awards... thank you bunches Justine :)
It means alot to me.... I feel bad when I can't update my blog as often as I'd like and make everything that I've got running through my head. But at least I know you all like what I do have available!!

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Denise said...

Hope everything is OK with you!

ENJOY your trip up here. Busch Gardens will be a LOT of fun along the way. Hopefully you'll also take time for their water park cause it's lots of fun.

Bring warm weather with you please! lol