Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gobble Gobble

I thought I'd share a bit of some Thanksgiving fun from my son's kindergarten class today.
They performed their Thanksgiving presentation followed by a mini feast.
It was adorable. My litttle guy Nolan was a turkey and had the cook quickly chasing him as they sang a cute song. Nolan kind of went quiet and refused to sing. He was more interested in the feathers around his backside :)

Nolan's teacher giving him the thumbs up once they finished their turkey
day play.

Nolan and his Dad waiting in line for snacks and drinks.

Check out all the kids and parents... the classrooms are huge and can
hols alot of people thankfully. It was a bit crazy.

Nolan eating with his classmates. He wasn't feeling so well after all
was said and done. He enjoyed himself and was quite proud of himself.
Dad and I are quite proud as well!!

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