Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hiya :)

I'm so sorrRrRry for not being around too much over the past month.
I have had alot going on with school. When I say alot it's kind of an undrstatment really.
The fall semester is slowly wrapping up. I've got until mid December and I've got finals.
But the reason I've been non-existant is because I've been studying and fighting like crazy to get into the nursing program at school. They only accept 30 people and you've got to be amazing to be considered.
Well, I can finally say I GOT IN!!!!
I start the first week of January and couldn't be more happy :D I've been taking test after test along with my current studies and I've just had no time for anything. I've been taking the pre requisite courses to transfer to the 4 year university but had to have the nursing as well and I've been fighting for it and now I'm almost there!!! Not to mention attending activities going on at both my daughter's school as well as my son's. It's been hectic.... it really has!
I'm hoping to be able to come up with a few things now that every test possible has been taken and completed as well as work ups.
I am keeping my fingers crossed I'll be able to make a few things here and there until I start nursing and clinicals in January.....

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Barb said...

WOOHOO congrats for getting into the nursing program!! You go girl!!